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What is Pilates

Pilates is a controlled system of exercises that engages the mind and conditions the total body. Pilates facilitates a life of harmony, balance, strength and function. It is a balanced blend of strength and flexibility training that improves posture, flexibility, strength, reduces stress and works several muscle groups simultaneously.


We all want to look good...especially as we age, but we don't want to sacrifice feeling good to get there. Pilates allows you to improve the way you look without putting added stress on the body.


Pilates is very much an inward focus and an inward learning about how your body works. It is this mind-body component that many find so satisfying. Even if you are used to pounding out 60 minutes on the treadmill, Pilates may give you some much needed peace and focus. In this way, Pilates addresses a different kind of core fitness...the mental kind.

STOTT PILATES is a contemporary approach to the original exercise method pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates. Co-founders Moira and Lindsay G. Merrithew, along with a team of physical therapists, sports medicine and fitness professionals, have spent more than a decade refining the STOTT PILATES method of exercise and equipment. This resulted in the inclusion of modern principles of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation, making it one of the safest and effective methods available. This clear and detailed approach forms the basis for STOTT PILATES training and certification programs.

Pilates is for those who are strong or weak, flexible or inflexible, fitness minded athletes, seniors, pre/post natal mothers, those with chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and those who are rehabbing an injury and everyone in between. Pilates is a great compliment to other sports and fitness programs and is often recommended by doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors. The exercises in Pilates are designed to be modified in order to adapt to each clients needs.

Most clients will schedule sessions 1-2 times a week, which is optimal. Rehab and special needs clients will schedule once a week to start. In any case, consistency is key. Most clients notice a difference in how they feel and look after just a few sessions and many will choose to make Pilates a part of their long term health and wellness program.

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